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I just cured any desire I ever had of going in a drain again
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Last night I had the worst nightmare about drain exploring.

I was in Seattle at this school overlooking the bays and there was a few protestors about to bash this homeless guy. So I said "Hey, leave him alone." For some reason they mistook me for a gang member and were saying "Hey, he breached our rules, if he's part of your gang you can take him but he breached our rules." Yeah, weird dream I know. Anyway I told them I was new in the area and to please let the guy go and next time we'd follow their rules. So they let the guy go, and he disappeared, and I found myself sitting on top of a bus stop shelter looking around at this football oval, and spotted a nice big drain entrance on the other side of the oval, leading under a hill. I walked over and decided to wander in and check it out. Now I didn't have a flashlight so I decided to walk in just to the edge of the dark.
I walked in maybe 50 meters then fell down a deep shaft. Now here's the nightmare bit. I landed in water after a few seconds and was thinking, oh f***, nobody saw me go in, no one is around. I'd have to stay afloat and yell for help. So I started yelling. Then, I fell down the shaft again. Only this time I kept falling for so long I realized I was falling and was going to die when I hit the bottom. Then I fell down the shaft again and landed on some junk at the bottom of the shaft and lay there dying. Then I fell down the shaft again and landed hard in putrid water and had the breath knocked out of me and was trying to hold onto something to stay afloat. Then I fell down the shaft again and scraped the skin off of my fingers on the concrete sides trying to slow my fall. It was like dragging my fingers against course sand paper.
I must have fallen down the shaft at least six times before I woke up.
f*** that for a dream. I got the full effects, sight, sound, the pain from impact, the feeling of the impact, the fear of drowning and I struggled to stay afloat. Everything.
I've not been a big drain explorer, but f*** that now. Never again. That was enough to scare me out of ever going in a drain again. I'll watch youtube videos from now on.
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Get off the gear mate.
UEGA: Come for the lolz, stay for the trollz!
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How much acid were you on christ
Don't slip in poo
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