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Not so good with forums
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Figured I’d do the right thing and do an intro post. :)

I’m from Melbourne but currently doing a trip to Sydney and across to Broken Hill so just want to see what is around / if places I’ve read about are still accessible.

Occasional urban explorer - would love to do more but have a very busy life. Love abandoned buildings, especially the rare older ones that haven’t been vandalised or graffitied. There’s just something about things left in the past.

I’m not so good with forums either - I keep forgetting to go back/busy life - my account got pruned that I registered once before and didn’t do the post thing. I can’t even keep up with Facebook these days! So I almost expect it to happen again, but will see how I go. :)

Edit: have been reading the last hour or so. Looks like this forum was more active a few years ago and some of the places I’ve read about elsewhere are long gone. I often feel I’m a bit late to Urbex. Never less will do as many have suggested and keep an eye out in my travels and keep researching (don’t worry not going to make one of those newbie - tell me where things are posts).

I did find reading about tunnels interesting and maybe will try that when back in Melb (not quite sure if my brother - who I usually go with although he’s more into the ghost hunting side - is up for it though so I’ve subscribed to the Vic meetup thread in case anyone’s doing anything come the warmer months).
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Welcome to the forums.

While the place is somewhat quiet there is still a TONE of usefull information to browse and learn from.

Please stay safe and never explore alone. :)
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