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Yet another boring newbie introduction. Give me all your locations. Show me your UE Porn!
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Hi. I'm Couch Potato.
As my name suggests I'm not really an urban explorer. I'm just here to ogle the photos, read the stories and eat the pop corn. I just like to see places I'll never get to see or explore myself.

Oh, and, as a quick read of posts here before I joined suggests every newbie must do this.

Tell me where all your locations are, and give me access to all your maps. :lol:

Nahh, seriously I don't want to know where you cool stuff is, I just want to see photos of it.
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Welcome mate, too bad you’ve come at the wrong time where this websites pretty much dead
Exploration is an addiction.
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HA! That's what I get for trying to register an account when I'm drunk! No wonder I could not log in again. I can't even spell potato right! Too funny.
Well I am back again with a new account. Time to sit back, and enjoy a bit of UE voyeurism. Show me your drains!
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