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UEGA HAS TURNED 4YEARS! (Don't let this be it's final year, please DONATE today, as every dollar counts).
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Dear UEGA members!

Time has sure flew right past us with UEGA turning 4!
What started as a small forum has grown into an amazing community. Some of you have found new places to visit, some of you made great friends through this community.

As you know this place is not sponsored, and is run by explorers just like you. The place is not here for us to make any profit, but rather aid urban exploring community come together and enjoy the hobby/experience/lifestyle.

Our host has made it very easy this year compared to the last few, they accept PAYPAL, BITCOIN and CREDIT CARDS, so it has gotten much easier for those who didn't own one of the three services/methods.

To give you an idea of how much we require, hosting costs us approximately $5USD/month. Other costs, such as domain name and TLS certificate, are still covered for another year.

Supporters get added to a group with the option of a fancy gold username as a thanks for their donations.
We at UEGA appreciate your generosity, and every dollar counts!

We are not asking for you to sign over your life savings , but simply drop even a dollar to help with the hosting services. Anything is better than nothing :)